Convert your small tub to a shower in a few hours!

Tub Shower Conversion Kit: White - Small

Tub Shower Conversion Kit: White - Small
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    Small tub to shower conversion kits convert tubs with a maximum rail size of 4-3/4" into a step in shower in just a few hours! 

    Bathtub conversion kits for sale through our site help you reduce the possibility of slips and falls getting in and out of the tub.  Since the small tub to shower conversion kit works with your existing tub; you will not have the down time or expense associated with typical remodeling or with replacing your tub.  And you can do it yourself with our bathtub conversion kit for sale here! 

    Whether your existing tub is fiberglass, acrylic, steel or cast iron; it can be converted to a shower with our small tub to shower conversion kit.  If you would like to see what is involved to install the bathtub conversion kit for sale on our site, you can  view our installation instructions prior to purchasing your tub to shower conversion kit.

    Our bathtub conversion kit for sale includes small step through insert (maximum rail width of 4-3/4"), a cutting template, epoxy and installation instructions.  

    Product specifications for the Small Tub to Shower Insert: 

    ·       Small inserts are to be used on tubs with a maximum rail size of 4-3/4″

    ·       The small step through is 28 inches long and 10-1/8″ tall

    ·       The top width of the small kit is 5-1/4″ and the bottom width measurement is 6-1/8″

    ·       The portion of the tub cut out for the small kit is 25″ at the tub rail and tapers to 23″ at the base

    ·       The height of the portion removed for the small tub to shower kit is 8″

    ·       The small step through insert is available in white

    Not sure if our Small Bathtub Conversion Kit for sale is right for you?  Follow the measurement instructions found here to determine the correct tub to shower conversion kit size or tour our main website for additional information.